UK Knife Crime: what about the girls?

At the end of March, a special report on the UK Knife Crime ‘epidemic’ was released. ITV London’s Ria Chatterjee interviewed teenage girls who support their male friends caught up in the violence. Putting the spotlight on those young women allowed us to hear their stories and understand the support they require. We also heardContinue reading “UK Knife Crime: what about the girls?”

Mayor of London references report during Mayoral Question Time debate

Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark, Florence Eshalomi asked the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan what he was doing to tackle the issues associated with girls and gangs. In response, Sadiq Khan referenced the girls, gangs and their abusive relationships report, highlighting how girls are often hidden to services but play a prominent role.

Why don’t we see these girls?

In December 2018, I returned to the airwaves and shared some of the findings from my research on BBC Woman’s Hour. One of the biggest revelations was the inconsistency across police in identifying women and girls and capturing them (and their risk) in systems. In the US, one police force acknowledged that there may beContinue reading “Why don’t we see these girls?”

It’s a WRAP – victims of trafficking in the Philadelphia Juvenile Court.

Earlier in my trip I visited Philadelphia, the city of ‘Brotherly Love’. While I was there, I was introduced to Judge Lori Dumas. Judge Dumas had previously sat in a specialist court programme in the Philadelphia Juvenile Court; WRAP Court. WRAP court stands for ‘Working to Restore Adolescents’ Power’ and it is aimed at helpingContinue reading “It’s a WRAP – victims of trafficking in the Philadelphia Juvenile Court.”

Credible messengers: what are they and why are they important?

An organisation can have an innovative and well-designed programme to tackle gang activity, but who they choose to deliver that work will determine how effective it is. From my time in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC, I have seen that the most successful programmes have one common factor: credible messengers working on the groundContinue reading “Credible messengers: what are they and why are they important?”

Understanding youth justice in the big apple

They say New York is a ‘city so nice, they named it twice’, but is that the reality facing vulnerable young people in the city? This week, I have had the opportunity to meet with members of the National Association of Black Prosecutors, I have watched cases go through the courts and met with seniorContinue reading “Understanding youth justice in the big apple”