It’s a WRAP – victims of trafficking in the Philadelphia Juvenile Court.

Earlier in my trip I visited Philadelphia, the city of ‘Brotherly Love’. While I was there, I was introduced to Judge Lori Dumas. Judge Dumas had previously sat in a specialist court programme in the Philadelphia Juvenile Court; WRAP Court. WRAP court stands for ‘Working to Restore Adolescents’ Power’ and it is aimed at helpingContinue reading “It’s a WRAP – victims of trafficking in the Philadelphia Juvenile Court.”

Understanding youth justice in the big apple

They say New York is a ‘city so nice, they named it twice’, but is that the reality facing vulnerable young people in the city? This week, I have had the opportunity to meet with members of the National Association of Black Prosecutors, I have watched cases go through the courts and met with seniorContinue reading “Understanding youth justice in the big apple”